The Many Facets of Sex

There are innumerable ways of expressing ourselves sexually. Sexual activity includes foreplay, masturbation, alone or with a partner, vaginal intercourse, anal penetration and oral sex.

All these actions can be part of the person’s sexual expression. “Anyone with good sexual health will have no problem with masturbation and with acceptable partners, most of these behaviors are part of the sexual experience,” says Blanche Freund, PhD, sex therapist and psychologist at Delray Beach and Aventura, Florida.

Sexual caresses

Trialix Physical caresses involve stimulating the partner’s body, especially the genitals, with the hand or mouth. Many women require additional activity, from kissing or playing with care to dressing with the chest or clitoris, until reaching orgasm.

For women who find sex painful, foreplay is very important. When a woman becomes more exciting, her vagina responds: the lubricant produces, and becomes longer and longer, making the penetration less painful.

Another interesting fact about previous games: research has shown that many men and women rely on stereotypes to discover how much previous play their partners want. But this research also shows that men want much more foreplay than women think.

“The foreplay is a very important aspect of a long-term relationship, to maintain interest in sex between them,” says Freund. “The introduction of the right to mechanics does not work well with women over time.”

Sexual relations and sexual orgasm.

Testo Drive 365 In vaginal intercourse between heterosexuals, a man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina and exits inside and out. Both men and women can achieve orgasm during vaginal sex.

Sex results in an orgasm when the genitals reach a high contraction of the stimulation. Endorphins are released and extreme pleasure radiates through the body. There is also a release of semen. In men who did not have vasectomies, the semen contains sperm. If the sperm enter the woman’s vagina, she will swim in search of an egg to fertilize. If an egg is fertilized successfully, it results in pregnancy.

Other sexual acts

Other forms of sex include masturbation, when men or women touch their genitals to give them pleasure. Men or women can also use their hands to stimulate the partner’s genitals to induce sexual pleasure.

Oral sex involves contact between the partner’s mouth and the other person’s genitals. Anal sex includes stimulating the anus or placing the penis or fingers or things like sex toys in the anus.

Sex and aging

Aging affects almost everything around the human body, and sexual function is no exception. For women, menopause leads to the loss of estrogen, which can reduce sexual desire in addition to the natural lubricants in the vagina.

For men, age affects their ability to have sex, but not necessarily desire. For some men, it is difficult to maintain an erection. Some men may need more physical stimulation than before or with the help of prescription medications that promote erections, such as Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) or Cialis. tadalafil). Canada

These physical changes certainly do not mean the end of a person’s sex life.

“Sex is a big part of aging,” says Freund. “If you bring a good relationship to a relationship, it will last the rest of your life, depending on your partner, your level of comfort with sex and your ability to integrate sex with daily life, with a partner or without a partner.”

Sexual health

Freund says that good sexual health is when people communicate with each other and share similar sexual interests and desires.

“Everyone has their individual sexual health, and what they bring to a relationship can be harmonious with their partner, and if that is not the case, they may need help over time,” he says.

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