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Teal Farms Keto This is the triple winner that is in the main diet of the annual ranking of US food systems. UU From 2008.

This year, the Mediterranean diet and the board occupied the first place in the best food category in general. CLA Extract

DASH means dietary approaches to stop high blood pressure. It focuses on eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables and reducing salt. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has helped people reduce high blood pressure. The Mediterranean diet also emphasizes fruits, vegetables and whole grains, with a moderate consumption of alcohol. Both include non-fat proteins such as chicken or fish.

The magazine was also classified as easier to follow, with the Mediterranean diet occupying the first place and the fourth Dash diet. Both of which are associated with the first place as the best for people with diabetes, and ranked first in some other categories. teal farms keto review

This year, the publication classified 40 different feeding plans. This classification is based on the contributions of the Expert Committee of the leading experts in nutrition, diet advisors, doctors specialized in heart health, weight loss and diabetes in the country.

In addition to the best in general, the categories were:

  • The best commercial diet systems
  • The best diets to lose weight
  • Better fast food and weight loss.
  • The best diets for a healthy diet.
  • Easiest meals to follow
  • The best diets for diabetes.
  • The best diet for heart health
  • The best plant-based diets

The experts considered the ease of dieting, the possibility of short and long term weight loss and its effectiveness against heart disease and diabetes. teal farms keto ingredients

No diet is best for everyone, says an expert, David Katz, MD, director of the Yale University / Prevention Research Center at Griffin Hospital. “The best can be adopted, managed and sustained over time,” he said in a statement.

The kidnapping of another expert who does not participate in the global rankings focuses on a healthy diet, not heresy. Maxwell Keto

“It seems that 2018 began as a year of primitive diet, so it’s good to see the list of US diets University Nutrition at the University of Washington, St. Louis.

“The list of the best diets recognizes that the diet in the Mediterranean region and the DASH diet, which are very similar in concept, meet these three factors,” she says.

Katherine Brooking, a nutrition and nutrition blogger registered with WebMD, says that rankings offer people a healthy option. “I am delighted to see the Mediterranean diet linked to Site 1 in general,” she says. “Studies consistently show that the Mediterranean pattern of eating is closely related to the reduction of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.” It is also easy to adopt and can be delicious.

And other winners

The latest comprehensive diets include the Flexitarian diet, Weight Weighters, MIND diet, TLC diet and Volumetrics.

The flexibility of the diet is a meatless plan that mainly emphasizes plant foods. Weight Weighters focuses on healthy eating, with specific values ​​for food and daily limits. TLC indicates therapeutic changes for high cholesterol. Followers follow more saturated fat. The MIND diet combines DASH and Mediterranean, and aims to improve brain health.

The winners of the best commercial diet systems include Weight Weighters and Jenny Craig for the first and second. Jenny Craig offers low calorie packaged foods and assistance from consultants. The flat abdominal diet and nutrients are linked to the third. Bill’s apartment plan focuses on a healthy diet, with unsaturated monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and nuts and a daily limit of 1,600 calories. The nutrient diet emphasizes a herbal plan with “superior foods against cancer.”

The best diet to lose weight: the winners were Weight Control, Volumetric, Jenny Craig, Vegan and Flexibility. Volumetric volumes focus on foods that fill it, such as sauce-based soups and non-starchy fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and mushrooms.

The best foods to lose weight quickly: the winners are HMR, Weight Weighters, Biggest Loser, Medifast, SlimFast and Volumetrics. The HMR diet is a low-calorie plan with meals that replace shakes centered on fruits and vegetables. The biggest loser includes eating regular meals with protein, fruits and vegetables without fat and keeping a nutritional diary. Medifast starts with five alternatives of meals a day and a meal, with more meals in stages where you lose weight. SlimFast is a beverage replacement program.

The best diets for a healthy diet: Winners: DASH, Mediterranean, Flexitarian, TLC, Mayo Clinic, MIND, Volumetrics, Weight Weighters. The diet of the Mayo Clinic focuses on a healthy diet throughout life.

Easiest to follow: Mediterranean, Flexibility, Weight control, DASH and MIND.

The best way to develop diabetes: after the winners of the first place, DASH and the Mediterranean, came the Flexitarian systems, Mayo Clinic, Vegan, Volumetrics, Weight Weighters.

The best for heart disease: Dash claimed leadership, followed by the Mediterranean and Ornish (tie for the second time) and TLC. The flexibility, the mind and the plant occupy the fifth place. The Ornich diet classifies foods from the healthiest to the most tolerant, and encourages followers to emphasize the foods of the healthiest group.

The best herbal diets: The five best meals are Mediterranean dishes, flexibility, vegetarian, vegetarian and traditional Asian. The traditional Asian plan includes eating a little fat with a little red meat and lots of fresh fruit, fish and vegetables.

Below the list

For the total diet category, the Dukan and Ketogenic diets are associated with the latter. The Dukan diet includes lean proteins and eliminates most carbohydrates. The ketone diet is also a low carbohydrate plan.

Whole30 and Dukan arrived in XIII and XIV, or, for the best commercial diets. Whole30 is described as a short-term restart and focuses on eating whole foods, nutrients and anti-inflammatories. Legumes, cereals, dairy products, alcohol, processed foods and added sugars are not allowed.

“It’s not a plan to lose weight or a diet, so I’m surprised at the reason why our evaluation continues,” says Melissa. Hartwig, who co-created the Whole30 plan. “The effectiveness of our program speaks for itself.”

Use information

Along with the ratings, news from the US UU They provide information on how to find the best diet for you.

Do not go on unpopular diets alone, says Diekman. “Popular diet plans do not mean that these diets lead to a healthy weight loss,” she says. “They can achieve [weight loss] in the short term, but the goal of losing weight is to convert the balance of fat and muscle to develop their health.”

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