I’m Sorry, Older Men: The Protein From The Arteries Will Not Help The Health

Ketozin Many older men may think that feeling better and maintaining muscle is just a matter of eating more protein.

But a new study suggests that, at least for older men, this is not true.

“Surprisingly, there is little evidence about the amount of protein we need in our diet, especially the value of high protein intake,” said the research team leader, Dr. Schlinder Bhasin. He directs male health research to divide aging and metabolism at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

“Despite the lack of evidence, experts continue to recommend eating large amounts of protein for older men,” Bahasin said in a hospital news release. “We wanted to test this carefully and determine whether taking protein in excess of the recommended daily amount is beneficial for increasing muscle mass, strength and well-being.”

Forskolin Keto Cycle The researchers found that those who ate more protein than the recommended levels did not have an increase in lean body mass, or muscle performance, or physical function or other health measures, compared to men who have normal levels of protein in the diet.

One of the nutritionists who did not participate in the study said the results were not surprising.

Stephanie Schiff said: “In the world of nutrition, it is a lot of people that the extra protein is a kind of magic wand, either for weight loss or increase muscle size, or reduce fatigue or function physics in general. ” Nutritionist at Huntington Hospital at North Well for Health in Huntington, New South Wales.

“When we take an additional protein at higher levels, our bodies will be used, some of the increases become fat,” Schiff said, while another protein is released through the kidneys.

He added that consuming large amounts of protein in the diet can be dangerous for people, especially those who already suffer from kidney function.

For men who want to maintain or develop muscle, exercise is crucial, Schiff said.

Ardor Keto Diet “Protein is necessary to build and maintain lean muscle mass, but to help build and maintain these muscles, resistance training is also necessary,” Schiff explained.

Registered nutritionist Sharon Zerabi agreed.

Said Carpet, a program manager for the treatment of obesity at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City: “This study was designed to test muscle mass free of protein and the amount of protein, while preserving muscle mass through training in weight lifting. “

“This study was also done on older men who did not change their exercise habits and were physically active,” he added.

“I think future studies should test the effects of muscle building exercises and the effects of muscle mass,” he suggested.

“Training and training is, ultimately, what builds lean muscle mass and, in turn, will require enough protein to support the new muscles it develops,” Zerabi said.

The study appears in the April issue of JAMA Internal Medicine.

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