Eyes Can Be The Key To Discovering Who Is Heterosexual, Gay

The study indicates that the extension of the student refers to sexual orientation when presenting erotic images.

A new study revealed that signs of a person’s sexual orientation may be in their eyes.

Researchers at Cornell University point out that when people look at someone they find attractive, their students expand or expand. In their experiments, the team measured the size of the students through an infrared lens while watching exciting videos and predicted whether the person was gay, straight or somewhere in between.

“Measuring the expansion of students will give us a better understanding of how sexuality is expressed throughout the planet,” said study author Gerald Rieger, a researcher at Cornell University, in a university press release.

Researchers who analyze sexual responses and sexual orientation have long tried to use a less invasive tool than the genital arousal measurements commonly used in this type of research. Rieger is caused by a pupil that can stretch like this tool.

In the new study, Rieger’s team found that male students of different sexes reacted strongly to female videos, but did not have an answer to videos showing men. On the contrary, students of different sexes have expanded while watching videos for men and women. This supports previous research that suggests that women’s sexuality differs somewhat from that of men.

The study also revealed that students of bisexual men responded to sex videos of men and women. According to Reger and his colleagues, this contrasts with the idea that bisexual men construct their sexual identity in other things than sexual arousal.

“We can finally argue that flexible sexual desire is not just about women, some men do too, and that is reflected in their students,” said co-author Rich Safin Williams, professor of human development, in a press release. “In fact, there is not even a division in” heterosexual “,” binary “and” gay “tells the whole story.” Men who know “mostly straight” really exist in their identity or in the response of their students; Respectively, but much lower than bisexual and homosexual men. ”

The authors of the study believe that the findings will improve understanding of different sexual groups and better define a wider range of nationalities.

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